The Owls Cache In

Oh friends, we have fallen in love with geocaching! For you muggles who have no idea what I’m talking about, geocaching is a GPS driven scavenger hunt where you navigate to plastic containers filled with goodies and a log by way of your phone or other device. These containers are hidden by other cachers, businesses, parks or the like and are literally everywhere. It might sound a little silly, but trust me, do a couple and you’ll be hooked.

I came to find geocaching in researching our local parks when I made the resolution to get back in to nature with the family. In reading about it on, I thought it’d be a lovely way to keep our little Owl interested in hiking. Boy was I right! The littles love it. What I didn’t expect was loving it, too. We first experienced the magic of geocaching during our trip to Cloudland Canyon and it’s since become an obsession.

We’ve since amended our resolution to include a mission to geocache at least twice a month, though I’m happy to report we have cached every Saturday since the new year. Since January 1st, we’ve found 15 caches in 3 parks across 2 states and have 1 hide of our own (3 more in the works)! For 2016, we’re trying to achieve our 100 caches coin, our 10 hides accomplishment coin, and add on at least one more state to our “souvenirs”. I believe these are easily accomplished goals for novice geocachers with littles and crazy schedules, but we’ll find out!

In the meantime, if you’d like to connect with We Three Owls outside of the interwebs, look for us (and our hides) on

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