Red Top Mountain State Park

Continuing on our “get back in to nature” adventure, this weekend we spent at the closest state park to our house: Red Top Mountain. I love this park. It has a plethora of water activities and interpretive programs in the summer months, but since we’re in the dead of winter, I thought it prudent to get to know the “real” Red Top.

Pappa Owl wasn’t available to come on this excursion in to our greater back yard, but we twisted a Grand-Owl in to coming along for the fun – and we had a ton. Our first stop was a lakeside picnic by the beach area where little Owl played on the jungle gym, followed by a swing through the visitor’s center where we procured a yearly park pass. Let me tell you – if we’ve inspired you to do something similar with your family, it is SO worth paying for the $55 park pass instead of the $50 because of all of the extras (including a free night at the campground of your choice!).

From there it was on to geocaching. Our first attempt at the visitor’s center had been muggled, but the remaining caches were easy finds, though we tried to make them more difficult than they actually were ;). Our caching journey took us through the lodge portion of the park where you can find a darling old cabin, rustic farm equipment, birding sites and other historic points of interest. We did have a walk around apart from the caching bit, but it was less hiking and more a casual stroll.

We added several caches to our tally and called it a day. I can see where in warmer months there are probably loads of specialty programs down at the cabins and lodge area, but it was simply too cool for the park to have much going on. All in all, it was a great spot for some very scenic caching and we’ll definitely be back to plant our own hide soon!

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